The X

I was just trying to clean up, because I thought it would help me feel better. There was a knife out in the kitchen, and I picked it up and tried to put it away in the knife block - one of those wooden blocks meant to hold knives of all different shapes and sizes. As I pushed the knife in, I met more resistance than I had expected. I thought it even made some high-pitched noise as I pushed it in, but maybe that was just my imagination. Maybe I had put the knife in at the wrong angle, or maybe there was some kind of debris stuck in it. I removed the knife, and tried to insert it again a few times, until it finally went in the way I wanted.

Suddenly I felt tired, and walked a few steps into the next room and collapsed on the couch. My eyelids felt heavy and I thought maybe it would be a good time to take a short nap.

I couldn't really fall asleep though because I kept hearing noises. I felt too tired to really worry about what they were. The front door opened and someone came in. There were voices and maybe even a scream. I stayed on the couch, wanting to rest before I investigated.

I saw a couple of strangers in front of me, and most of my family with them. One of the strangers was a cop, and the other was a solemn man holding an X. He also had an X sewn onto his shirt whose meaning I couldn't comprehend. Everyone seemed very agitated. The man with the X was saying a lot, and moving his arms around, at one point raising his right arm to a right angle.

There were more voices, and even more screams. Finally I heard a scream that was louder than the rest and I realized it was my own. I suddenly felt lighter and more lucid, and I looked around and realized what had happened. There was no knife block, only the crumpled, bloody body of my girlfriend, with the knife I had been trying to put away sticking out of her chest at a diabolical angle. The cop's presence made sense then. The X was a cross, and the other stranger a priest. That was the first time that I was possessed by a devil.

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