Stewart woke up, blinking. He didn't feel groggy like he did most mornings.

He struck the hot sword with his hammer.

The thousand men were silent, their eyes focused like lasers on the king Shaka in front of them.

They jumped up in unison, with all their strength, eyes focused on the stars above, one hand each

Egil opened his eyes. The gods had given him another day.

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps.

She pushed the cart forward along the rocky path, reaching out to steady it as the wheel went ove

The academic life aims at a certain kind of dignity.

The academic life aims at a certain kind of dignity.

I was just trying to clean up, because I thought it would help me feel better.

I miss November
and I miss the way you kissed me.

Dispatch told us that there was a report of a murder.

[Silvio, Henry, and Ezra are sitting together at a table in a kitchen.]

Umberto Eco’s masterpiece novel The Name of the Rose has a critical pl

The political Left dominates some of the important institutions of Western soci

One Christmas morning, years ago, I woke up and found myself in Malaysian Borne

I recently flew to San Francisco for a job interview.

God loves average people, and that’s why he made so many of them.

There’s an episode of the show 30 Rock in which Tracy Morgan’s character hopes

My first motivation to see The Lives of Others was that I heard that William F.

There are a few possible motives for the common tendency of people to try to im