The Pischachas of Aavri

The moon peeked out from a veil of darkness as grey mists enveloped dense, lush rainforests. The howling of wolves echoed, reaching out to the unseen horizons. Bone-stinging chillness seeped into thick, humid air. In the midst of still trees, eerie silence followed the howls of the stealthy gray wolves. Deep in the moonlight-infused forests, the sound of crackling fire broke the grim silence. The swift movements of two unfathomable figures appeared near the fire that had turned into roaring flames. Far away in the sky, a faint sound swept along.


Dodging, to the left first and then the right, then leaping above and crouching below and feinting forward and finally -

Jab! I aimed for his ribs but he was too fast and I only grazed his arm.  I felt my palms sweating, so I gripped the dagger more tightly. He was out of reach now, and he looked as tired as I felt. We both took a moment to catch our breath.